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If you execute your company's deserve the support of other COOs.


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Almost more than learning new skills, Herold says his members derive some of the best value simply from the relief and recognition that comes with finally being among their own.”

- Cameron Herold, featured in Fortune Magazine

  • Attend our RISK-FREE TEST DRIVE *
  • November 7, 2019: Chicago, IL
  • THIS EVENT: Seats are limited. Get yours now.
  • * We guarantee complete satisfaction with the event, or we will refund your registration. *
  • WHERE:
  • Global Furniture Group
  • at The Merchandise Mart
  • WHEN:
  • November 7, 2019
  • 8:30 am - 5:00 pm
  • Brief tour (during the event) and reception (following the event).
  • NEXT EVENT: 2020 Coming Soon!
  • (email for details)

Check out our Grand Rapids Event: November 22 @ GR Chamber

Nov 22 in Grand Rapids, MI

** 10x ROI or Your Money Back **

We stand behind our guarantee. If you don’t capture “10x ROI” on your investment, we will give your money back - simple as that. We’ve never had to reimburse a member!


  • You are the GM, Director or VP of Operations, or the COO...
  • ...OR you hold a C-Suite or President title, but run the operations of your company.
  • Your CEO and company depend on you to execute the company's goals and objectives.
  • You are responsible for leading a team of people.

To ensure the quality of the Peer Group, we interview all member candidates based on values, business practices, and company size. Each Peer Advisory Group is assembled according to fit. 

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The Best Investment You’ll Make in Your Company

  • Collaborate with Your Peers

Your peers can be instrumental in your exponential success. At the COO Alliance, we’ve created a culture where we can be vulnerable with each other and comfortably share our fears, insecurities, weaknesses, dreams, desires, and goals.

COO Alliance members recognize that their growth has come from learning from others, conversations with peers, and exchanging ideas with other seconds-in-command.

The COO Alliance is your tribe – not just a network. It is a group of people collaborating and sharing information to solve issues you are facing in real-time.


  • World-Class Content

You won’t have a need to constantly check your phone – COO Alliance events capture your attention immediately.

Members run presentations to the group on areas that they feel stuck, and receive feedback from other members. We work through a variety of forms, worksheets, and exercises to encourage members to be introspective and grow themselves and their companies.

At COO Alliance events you can expect to receive guidance on a variety of key topics.


  • Safe Zone

Your tribe has a closed door policy. You can trust that nothing you say will leave the event.  

We operate the meetings in a confidential environment that allows everyone to feel comfortable in truly sharing and opening up with each other.  

You can safely share problems you are facing and you’ll receive the support you are needing to find the solution. The COO Alliance only invites seasoned professionals to speak at these events about real problems the Second-in-Command is facing.


  • Bonus Time = 10x ROI Guarantee

We publicly market and stand behind our 10X return or money back guarantee. Since day one, we’ve told members they’ll leave with ideas that are worth 10X their COO Alliance investment in either savings or new revenue, or else we’ll give them their money back.

“BONUS TIME” is carefully calculated by members collaborating on an idea, assessing their delta, developing an implementation strategy and conservatively estimating how much savings or new revenue they are expecting.

Our members ALWAYS hit Bonus Time. Listen to members share their bonus time below.


Seconds in Command Will Master:

  • Work-life balance
  • Driving company vision & growth
  • Streamlining work by leveraging technology 
  • The creation & management of rapid growth
  • Communicating with the CEO & developing the relationship
  • A strong 3-year strategic growth plan with corresponding KPIs
  • Strategies to find your A-Team and build a culture that attracts them

Current COO Alliance Members

Have a company revenue of $3MM – $280MM

Actively & openly participate at events

Have diverse backgrounds, ages and genders

Represent a vast number of industries

Support each other during and after events


Everyone learns from experience, but I'd rather learn from the experiences of others."

– Charlie Munger

Members Learn to Scale Their Companies at Every Event

"We have easily saved about $300,000 in costs [after this event] by having a lot more clarity about setting better goals, reverse engineering those goals so we can achieve everything we want... "

– Brittany

"We’re in the seven figures ($1,000,000+) in terms of opportunities and savings…using these tools…"

– Frank

“From this event, I'm talking about $500,000. The first half is about $250,000 in savings annually, from reverse engineering our staffing strategy...."

– Jonathan

Brittany Walters

Director of Operations (Scribe Media)

Frank Girardi

VP of Operations (SecureIt Tactical, Inc.)

Jonathan Derby

Chief Information Officer (Ongoing Operations, LLC)

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